Manganese Mine For Sale in Zambia

We have a variety of green field mine sizes for Copper, Manganese, Titanium and many other minerals Starting from 100Ha, 250Ha, 500Ha and 1000Ha   

Did you know?

We have a range of joint venture set ups to suit the different needs of our clients that want to mine in Zambia. You don't always have to buy a mine, you can just lease one from us.

Why You Should Mine In Zambia

  • Readily available in country buyers for your materials
  • There is Zero taxes on all mining equipment.
  • The country has one of the most politically stable environments in Africa.  
  • Most of the mines are located in easy to reach areas even in the rain season 
  • The proximity to rail and road from mine is excellent. 
  • We have very good rapport with government departments and we understand the systems so setting you up would be easier than doing it yourself

Mining Investment Growth

Year 2018
Year 2017
Year 2016

Pricing Plans


In Zambia 

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In Zambia 

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In Zambia 

Get this one and get a fully incorporated company with it

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Invest in a country where business continues even during election year